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Bernal Heights Park, San Francisco

4.0 stars


Mini Hike and a Great View

Down at the bottom of the Mission is a almost cartoon-like round hill that juts out from the endless houses and pretty much sticks out (when it's not shrouded in cloud). I live right by it and on a sunny evening with nothing better to do I finally summoned the courage to conquor it. It intrigues me and appeals to me as a incongruous taste of wild California in the middle of urban sprawl. Not that it's particularly wild, but its dry grass is so different to the manicured lawns you see elsewhere, and with the sun beating down and the wind in your hair you almost feel like you're in Steinbeck territory and remember that San Francisco is in California.

The hill is maybe a bit far from the centre for a flying visitor to bother, but the view is great and obviously, being a hill, it goes all 360 degrees. It's also enough of a hill to make you feel pleased with yourself but not to actually tire yourself out. Two things to bear in mind though - if (like me) you feel more drawn to the rough paths than the tarmac route, wear decent shoes as it can get pretty steep and there's a lot of loose earth that makes it pretty slippy. Also, don't wear a skirt - the wind seriously picks up and you run the risk of exposing yourself to the whole city (I found this out the hard way...) [more ]

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