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Pizzeria Mamma Mia, Iaşi

1.0 stars


Amazing place - good food

The location is really amazing, and it's a very good place for families.
The food is absolutely delcious and there is no other pizzeria / restaurant I would go in Iasi but them. I truly recommend it to anyone looking for a good place to eat and I have to specify that now they have a non stop schedule.
The delivery is very fast and they get to your door with the food still steaming. Also the delivery runs non stop so you can order food at 3 in the morning.
Check out their site and see for yourself how great their food looks like! [more ]

The worst pizza in the city

Mamma Mia is the most largest Pizza house in the big city of Iasi. Known widely amongst it's citizens, it's maybe the most consumed pizza around here. If you are a visitor, probably you will end up eating here for sure, as it is very central. At its beginnings the pizza was good but... Altough their motto is ''The best pizza in the city'' they have proven latetly exactly the contrary. Being at the heart of the city, this pizza house has a terrace too, so they always have clients. Probably because they grown big in space and clients, they don t pay the same attention to the quality , nor the serving. They have lots of sortiments of pizza ar well as other dishes. They deliver at home, but they are always late. The pizza is always bad, always too oily, and missing ingredients. Last time I asked for a pizza with pineapple, and I ended up eating plain simple merely had 2 pieces of pineapple. And even more, they decided to expaned their terrance in the nearby park, which is a Public Place....a playground for children..not very nice at all. [more ]

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Pizzeria Mamma Mia Iaşi
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