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Costa Tropical Restaurants

Top Restaurants in Costa Tropical

Los Manueles 5.0 stars
Spanish, Restaurant in Torremolinos
We visited Los Manueles for lunch. The place was full so we waited a few minutes for the first table available . There were at least 4 waiters and all of them where constantly moving from one table to the other. We had someone different for ... [more ]
Ristorante Leonardo Da Vinci 5.0 stars
Italian, Restaurant in Calahonda
Da Vinci is a friendly and casual looking restaurant located at the Doña Lola Resort in Calahonda. Their menu is based in Artisan Italian Food. They have a gorgeous traditional clay fire oven outside in the terrace so we watch our own pizzas ... [more ]
El Huerto de Juana Rana 5.0 stars
Spanish, Restaurant in Granada
Perched right below the Mirador de San Nicolas, this restaurant is oozing with Andalusian spirit and soul. Sitting on its opened-rooftop terrace, you are blessed with a stunning view of the Alhambra and its vicnity. This restaurant is famous ... [more ]
Las Papa´s del Museo 5.0 stars
Spanish, Restaurant in Málaga
This is one of my favourite spots in Málaga City. Las Papa´s del Museo is an excellent Roast Potatoes and "Campero" (traditional Malaga sandwich with round crusty bread) bar just 10 meters from the Picasso Museum and about 5 min walk from the ... [more ]
El Museo Asador 5.0 stars
Spanish, Restaurant in Fuengirola
The Museo Asador was the perfect complement to our visit to the Fuengirola Zoo. The Asador was opposite the Zoo, about 20 metres to the right). This restaurant serves Spanish traditional cuisine from seafood to salads and with meat specialities ... [more ]
La Alegria 5.0 stars
Spanish, Restaurant in Mijas
La Alegria Restaurant (The Joy) was really delightful. We sat on the top roof with fantastic views to the mountains and the square. This restaurant was absolutely great value. They had a menu of the day for €8 including drinks, 2 main dishes plus ... [more ]
Casa Enrique 5.0 stars
Restaurant in Granada
Opened in 1875, this tavern frequented by elite society remains imbued with the real personality of Granada. This is even reflected in the tapas, which offer a perfect compromise between sweet and savory. Strongly recommended: the melva (tuna ... [more ]
El Embarcadero 5.0 stars
Steaks, Restaurant in Benalmádena
El Embarcadero restaurant is in a stunning location in a small cliff over the sea with gorgeous views to the ocean. We saw this restaurant driving in Benalmadena Costa and it really caught our attention. This was not a budget restaurant. It had ... [more ]
Casa Torcuato del Albayzin 5.0 stars
Portuguese, Restaurant in Granada
The dynamic Torcuato brothers- Manuel i the kitchen and Rafael serving up fron- ensure the continued popularity of this tavern, opened back in 1932. With its friendly, typically Granadian atmosphere and generous portions of highly original tapas, ... [more ]
Vistamere Pizzeria 4.0 stars
Italian, Restaurant in Benalmádena
Lovely Italian restaurant in Benalmadena that serves delicious homemade pasta and spaghettis. I had mine with assorted seafood, garlic and tomato sauce. I also tucked into a little of my friend's swordfish with Sicilian sauce which was ... [more ]
Restaurante La Higuera 4.0 stars
Spanish, Restaurant in Granada
La Higuera restaurant is 16km from Granada , in the Sierra Nevada National Park main road. We arrived on Christmas Eve as our hotel dinner was really overpriced, so we found La Higuera down the road. This is a family business and the owners where ... [more ]
Jewel of India 4.0 stars
Indian, Restaurant in Calahonda
The Jewel of India is located right of the Doña Lola Holiday Resort and in front of the El Zoco Shopping Center. This was a rather tranquil small restaurant with a wide range of Indian dishes. I ordered a very mild Chicken Korma as I do not like ... [more ]
Chiringuito Alhamar 4.0 stars
Spanish, Restaurant in Calahonda
Chiringuito Alhamar is located right by the Calahonda beach nearby the Doña Lola resort and served a beautiful range of fish and seafood but their speciality are their nice paellas. The staff is really lively and friendly and go the extra mile to ... [more ]
Cantina Mariachi 4.0 stars
Mexican, Restaurant in Málaga
The Cantina Mariachi looked very nice with its lovely Mexican murals and deco. When we visited it was empty so we thought we were going to be served straight away. The waiter did not seem to be in a good mood. It took about 10 minutes to be ... [more ]
El Quinto Pino 4.0 stars
Steaks, Restaurant in Málaga
So that’s what it feels like to be a celebrity dining out on the town. We had heard lots of great things about El Quinto Pino’s candlelit suppers and our experience surpassed our expectations. The owners really roll out the red carpet ... [more ]
Papadum 4.0 stars
Indian, Restaurant in Mijas
Papadum´s Naan bread was the best! When we visited it it was pretty empty so we got served very quickly. The waiter was lovely with a big smile all along. Dishes were nice although the mild curry was still a bit too spicy for my liking. I really ... [more ]
Hong Kong Restaurant 4.0 stars
Chinese, Restaurant in Mijas
The lovely Hong Kong Chinese restaurant is located in La Cala de Mijas in the Jardín Botánico area. Of the many Chinese restaurants I´ve visited in the Coast, Hong Kong was the one with better portions and prices. The staff was extra friendly ... [more ]
Chikito 4.0 stars
Italian, Restaurant in Granada
There was a time when Chikito smelled of ink and paper and resonated with the words of Lorca and Falla, who presided over the famous "El Rinoncillo" literary meetings held within these walls. Times have changed however, and now the smells ... [more ]
Vista del Mar 4.0 stars
Steaks, Restaurant in Mijas
I really love the sea views from this lovely restaurant. The terrace was surrounded with palm trees and a round pool. The interior was neat and elegant. Prices for lunch and dinner varied slightly but main meals were between €10 and €22. We went ... [more ]
Mirador de Morayma 4.0 stars
Spanish, Restaurant in Granada
Located in the heart of the Albayzin quarter, in a beautiful carmen (walled villa) surrounded by cypresses and bougainvilleas framing the silhouette of the Alhambra, the Mirador de Morayma is the ultimate Granada restaurant for a romantic meal. ... [more ]
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