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Washington Restaurant Kale, Ankara

4.0 stars


Sunsets and Great Food at the Washington

If you are looking for a quality restaurant that the locals enjoy, I highly recommend the Washington Restaurant. Don’t be fooled by the “western” name. The Washington Restaurant’s menu cuisine is almost exclusively Turkish.

According to the current owners, the Washington Restaurant can trace its ‘roots’ back to 1923 when the Washington’s original founders worked at the Karpic Restaurant—the only “protocol” restaurant of its time. In 1955, the founder received permission to open The Washington Restaurant in central Ankara, and later moved the establishment in the 1960s and 1980s. The Washington Restaurant Kale found its current home in 1993, in a 250-year-old mansion at the Citadel above Ulus.

This restaurant is one of my required stops during trips to Ankara. Patrons have the option of dining on the terrace which has spectacular views of Ankara or in the main dining hall replete with an elegantly decorated wood ceiling and several original 18th century adornments.
Patrons can select individual items or a prepared menu section. Selections consist of typical Turkish cuisine and many western menu items such as Beef Stroganoff or Keiv style chicken. For new travelers to Turkey, I would recommend selecting several appetizer dishes which will give you a ‘taste’ of different options. The menu is mostly in Turkish, but most of the staff speak English.

While not in mainstream Ankara, this restaurant is well-worth the 5 euro taxi ride to the Ankara Citadel. From the main archway entrance (at the taxi stand), simply walk past Dijan Dizyan and turn left. The restaurant is signed. Reservations are not usually required for small parties. However, this is a favorite restaurant with the locals and seats fill up fast! [more ]

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