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Hopi Hari, Campinas

4.0 stars


Funny entertainment at Hopi Hari

Hopi Hari is an amazing theme park located in Sao Paulo state. It was built to give an idea of a country, where to go in; the visitants need to walk along “a passport control” (the entrance ticket is the “visa”). Everything is there to be part of the imagination of children and adults. The park is divided in five regions and the attractions vary according to each one. For instance, the Wild West seems like a west of USA, with waterfall and typical houses and the Mistieri seems like Egypt, where are pyramids and also a huge roller coaster, one of the biggest made with wood of the world. In the park, there are also aqua attractions and an area dedicated to children. In the exit of each attraction, there are store selling products related to the attraction, following the model of Disneyland parks. The Hopi Hari is quite nice because has vegetation and great atmosphere.

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