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Bear & Staff Pub, London

4.0 stars


A pub with great food

When I think in pub in London, I think about the many beers available there. Food? They normally serve burgers, soups and, sometimes, pastas. Walking from Covent Garden towards Leicester Square, I have discovered a pub with much more than those characteristics. In the first floor, Bear & Staff Pub is a quite simple pub, with sofas and tables, and of course, a great range of pints. When I asked for the food menu, the staff suggested me to go to the second floor. Great surprise! It is a restaurant with characteristics of pub that offers amazing options of food. The place is cosy and has comfortable chairs and tables in wood furniture and peaceful atmosphere. Besides this, the friendly staff deserves attention. In the great menu, I would suggest the famous and delicious “Roast Sunday” as well as the buttered prawns. Everything has accessible prices.

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