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The Union, Dundee

3.0 stars


A bar inside the University

I used to go to The Union (Dusa) at University of Dundee to watch matches or even to meet friends between one and other study. The Union is a building in the middle of the University area, divided by four bars and nightclubs: Mono, Liar Bar, Air Bar and Floor 5. My favourite was the Air Bar, where I believe is the most comfortable, with sofas and low tables and also views to the University campus. Despite of anyone can entry there during the day, The Union is very tranquil. However, during the evening, when only students are allowed to get in, the place uses to be crowded, especially when there are events. The Union hosts many events along the year such as Fresher’s Party, Graduation Ball, among others. Depends on the time, they also serve food, very simple but good. [more ]

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