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Glenmongarie Highland Home, Fern

4.0 stars


Glenmongarie Highland Home: Country Home Away From Home

Glenmongarie Highland Home is set in an extremely serene environment and captures just the perfect countryside moods. I enjoyed staying at the Glenmongarie Highland Home because of its quiet environment and proximity to the virgin shores of the Dornoth Firth. The standards of the resort’s is accommodation facilities have the exciting touch of the countryside as emphasized by modest decorations, elegant, spacious and air conditioned rooms well equipped with internet connections and satellite TV sets. When you arrive at the Glenmongarie Highland Home, the staff will be quick to remind you that they are not a ‘hotel’ but rather an exclusive country home providing unique traditional countryside partying and accommodation services. Simply put, the Glenmongarie Highland Home is a home away from home. Guests get to enjoy unlimited freedom and live as they would in their own households. Guests are treated to fresh Scottish five course meals made from fresh farm produce, fresh seafood, fresh fruits and wide range of beverages. Fun activities include beach walks at the virgin shores of the Dornoth Firth, fishing, golft and clay shooting in the nearby clubs. [more ]

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