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Raoul's, London

1.0 stars


Famous with bad service

Raoul’s is considered a great restaurant in Maida Vale. The cosy place seemed agreeable and the menu, available outside, was also quite attractive; so we decided to go in for a lunch in one Monday. A huge disappointing! First of all, the restaurant was completely empty, but the waiter not so polite, asked us to sit outside once we had a pushchair. I agree that some restaurants don’t have enough space for prams, but was not the case: the restaurant had space and there was nobody there. After sitting outside, we waited for about 15 minutes and none of the four available waiters came to take the order. It was enough for us to give up of Raoul’s, disappointed with the disrespect with the customers. This never happened with us in any restaurant in London. Although Raoul’s is considered a great restaurant for local population and is very popular on weekends, I cannot say if the food is good or not, but the service is awful and I can affirm that I will never ever go back there, with or without pushchair. [more ]

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