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YMCA Hostels , Nairobi Region

5.0 stars


Sporty and Secure Stay at Nairobi YMCA Hostels

Young Men Christian Association (YMCA) Hostels in Nairobi are located along the Statehouse Road and directly opposite the University of Nairobi Men’s Hostels. Among other services, the YMCA offers accommodation services to the young and old alike whether staying just a few days or several months. I visited the YMCA Hostels in Nairobi during a squash tournament and I was impressed by the orderly environment of the facility for young Christian men. The outstanding aspect about the YWCA is the high standards of discipline that residents must observe while within the precincts of the facility. The YMCA Nairobi is actually a no smoking zone and drunkenness and other forms of irresponsible behavior are not allowed. Residents have the alternative of taking their meals from the hostel’s restaurant or nearby restaurants within the city. The YMCA Nairobi also offers entertainment sports that include table tennis, racket, lawn tennis and swimming. [more ]

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