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Moccar Pompidou, Munich

3.0 stars


The Newly Opened Moccar in Munich is a disappointment..

On Saturday we headed to the new Moccar- Pompidou restaurant near Hackerbrücke. When we finally got to the street it proved a little tricky finding the place because it's currently in the middle of a huge building site.

We have booked a table but as we approached the place we could see through the large glass windows that we needn't have bothered. The whole place was very sterile and far too large giving it no atmosphere at all. They had lots of bistro tables the feet of which changed colour but the table clothes were orange plastic giving the whole quirky idea with the tables a sadly tacky look.
The service took an age to come to our table to take our orders although the place was almost empty. I would have thought a new restaurant would place particular emphasis on making sure that the customer service is excellent- this unfortunately didn't seem to be the case at all.

They also have a dj and good music but if the place is deserted it doesnt really make you want to stay for more. When the bill came we were charged for 2 extra items that we hadn't even ordered and we hardly got an apology when we mentioned this to the waiter- the least they could have done was to have given us a drink or similar as compensation for the trouble...oh well...

I have to say that the food and cocktails were not bad and so our trip wasn't a complete waste of time but I really would strongly suggest that the management take more steps to stop this place only lasting a year at the most. The food ranges from everything from sushi to steaks.

This place does have potential it just hasn't been unleashed.. [more ]

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