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Museo del Jamon, Madrid

4.0 stars


One of the best places to eat Jamon Iberico

After walking along Madrid, I would recommend a stop in one of the Museo del Jamon, a chain of restaurant, delicatessen and café that offers a great typical food. The place is a reference in Spain due to the impressive range of Jamons (hams), chorizos and cheeses available. They have the “raciones” (portions) of them as well the “bocadillos” (sandwiches). My tip is staying in the counter, enjoying a beer with a portion of Jamon Iberico. It is a bit expensive among the jamons but it is delicious! There are few restaurants in the centre of Madrid and all of them follow the same standard of decoration and quality of the food. [more ]

Always full of people... but good food

I have been in several Museo del Jamon, at different times and dates, and I have never managed to get a sit!!
Anyway, I think it has good "aperitivos" (entrances), specially that croissant with ham for 1 euro, although if you want something more ellaborated it gets a bit expensive. [more ]

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