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La Latina, Madrid

5.0 stars


Where the Sundays are hotter

In my opinion, there is just one place for Sundays in Madrid. The La Latina neighbourhood boils every Sunday afternoons with the hundreds of bars and restaurants in the most lively atmosphere. The Cava Baja is one of the main streets and where is located the majority of bars. A visit to La Latina is well-worth not only because of the bars but also the typical architecture of the buildings along the tiny streets of the neighbourhood. Besides this, it is easy to reach the place, very close to Plaza Mayor, in the central region of Madrid. [more ]

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1. Apartamento Mayor 58 0.70 mi
2. Hotel Ritz Madrid 1.88 mi
3. Hotel Praga 2.66 mi
4. Wellington 3.34 mi
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1. Teatro La Latina 0.05 mi
2. Catedral de la Almudena 0.96 mi
3. Palacio Real de Madrid 0.99 mi
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1. Churros con Chocolate 0.90 mi
2. Come Prima 1.14 mi
3. Olsen 1.29 mi
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