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Museo Larco Herrera, Lima

5.0 stars


The Pre-columbian experience; don't miss it!

With what should I begin this testimony? Well, firstly: don't miss this visit! The permanent exhibition of this museum is divided into the different main pre-Columbian areas (North, Centre, South and the Highlands) and offers a complete and very rich collection of ceramic work, showing all the different techniques they used. There is also an important collection of jewelry made of various typical semi-precious stones and a textile gallery. Although this museum is famous for its Mochica area, it also offers a really interesting and complete collection of Chimú, Lambayeque, Virú, Nazca, and Inca art including crowns, earrings, nose ornaments, garments, masks and vases, finely wrought in gold and decorated with semi-precious stones. The organization of the museum also offers a thematic approach of the pre-Columbian civilizations, such as the sacrificial area which shows various ornaments and instruments used for sacrifice. The erotic Gallery has become one of the most appreciated areas of the museum; it provides curious pots and sculptures that are more than realistic (with moralistic or just humoristic purposes). The Larco Museum is truly a man wonder for those who are keen to learn more about pre-Columbian art or those who just want to know a bit about the Peruvian cultures.
I also would advise you to sit at the café-restaurant where you can have a drink or order typical Peruvian food or to have a walk in the peaceful garden... There I discovered a cultural paradise that I vividly recommend to all the travelers who get the chance to stop in Lima, on their way to discover the world…
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Museo Larco Herrera Lima The garden... Just entering... Inside! Have a break!
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