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Bistro & Kaffeehaus am Alex, Berlin

3.0 stars


Popular guy, that Alex...

After a spot of shopping in Germany's capital and a visit to some of the sites, we decided to take a break at this coffee house in Alexanderplatz. I hear that when a berliner refers to "Alex", they are of course referring to a place, and not to someone's name!

It was already late in the afternoon and we decided that we wouldn't stay long because we wanted to carry on with the day whilst the sun was still out. That being said, it actually took a while for us to find some seats because the place was ratehr full. Perhaps this would have been easier in the summer months because there is an outside terrace with extra seats. Because the place was busy, this meant that the waiters were rushed off their feet and had little time to take orders, prepare the drinks, greet customers or collect payments efficiently. So actually it took more time to wait for the waiter to come over to us than it did to drink up and get out of there!

Like many other cafes across Germany, there are plenty of cakes and ice-creams available, as well as a large drinks list and some appetisers. The prices are reasonable considering the location - a pot of coffee and an orange juice cost us just under 7 €. I could tell that the juice was from a carton of concentrate rather being freshly pressed, and even though there is nothing wrong with that, it doesn't help to give the cafe any outstanding qualities - not just in terms of drinks but along with decor, service and cleanliness of toilets.

The Bistro & Kaffeehaus am Alex is just another cafe among many and was inviting to me simply because I was thirsty! Nevertheless it is recommendable because I did not find the experience unpleasant in any way. [more ]

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