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Franki Bananaz, Hillcrest

5.0 stars


Franki Bananaz - Hillcrest

The best nightlife cocktail food and drinks bar in the outer west!!! Open all day, the small bar serves food until 22:00pm at night and drinks until much later. Known for its great parties, festivals, themes and music, you will seldom find this bar empty. Wednesday and Saturday nights are best as most weeks some event is held at the bar. As a cocktail bar goes, they are particular in every aspect. Not only is it a good night out, but the barmen are fully accomplished and entertaining as they spin bottles to make drinks and entertain the ladies, ESPECIALLY on hen nights. A favourite is called the "Screaming Orgasm" where the bride-to-be lies on the bar counter and the bar man performs the making of the drink! Great laugh, great place! [more ]

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