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Liberty Midland Mall, Pietermaritzburg

5.0 stars


Liberty Midland Mall

This is the newest addition to the growing city of Pietermaritzburg and a gem at that. Set on the outskirts of the city, the shopping mall boasts fantastic restaurant courts, shops and cinemas. Set in an almost star formation, the centre forces one to visit all the sections of the mall, with the centre often being a display for cars, art or furniture companies. Parking at the mall is pay parking but also secure. However, in high season parking is a premium as there is not as much as there is at other malls and arriving early is a must. All mainline shops including the big supermarket stores are situated underground, leaving the smaller stores to occupy the upper levels. Finally, very popular at Midlands, is the wagon stores that are dotted around the centre. But be warned, they move! So if you visited yesterday, they may not be in the same place tomorrow! [more ]

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