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Shark Diving, Cape Town

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Shark Diving

Adrenalin rush candidate? Go shark diving in South Africa off Cape Town! With this bunch you get up close and personal with the great white as you are lowered in a cage into the icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Trained experts in their field you are perfectly safe and the experience is a one in a lifetime that you will never forget. My friend recently did this and has raved about it ever since! To calm your nerves either before or after, you can take different packages that let you hang out with the crew, dine with them and let you get to know the people you will be going with. This experience IS NOT for the faint hearted and you will be checked for phobias and other medical problems. Indemnities will have to be signed but once in the water, you'll have a blast! [more ]

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Shark Diving Cape Town TROVAK (4) TROVAK (2) A great white shark brushes our diving cage, Kleinbaai, South Africa
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