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Tropicana Grand Azure Resort, Sharm el-Sheikh

5.0 stars


Perfect retreat if you need some time out!

We (my husband, 1 year old son and I) were in need of a well earned holiday in the sun. What with it being November and all it was clear that we were going to have to go a little further afield if we wanted warm temperatures. Of course the Canaries would have also been an option but in November the temperature can fluctuate and we wanted guaranteed warmth! After deciding that we didn't want to sit longer than necessary in an aeroplane with a 16 month old baby we opted for Egypt. My husband had been a few times diving in the Red Sea but this was a first time for me!

The online offers are extensive for Egypt but we finally settled for Sharm El Sheikh and a 5 star hotel called the Tropicana Grand Azure. Although I absolutely detest the idea of ALL INCLUSIVE we booked this package so that we wouldn't have to lift a finger during our 2 week holiday. I always find that booking an unknown hotel is very difficult- would it live up to our expectations??!!

Thankfully the hotel was great. We were really impressed with the rooms, food (one big buffet restaurant, 4 a la carte restaurants and various beach and pool bars), pools, beach, staff etc. We kept away from the tap water and avoided salad and fruit and all went well. The only negative thing about the hotel was the loud nighttime entertainment- I have barely ever heard such horrific music at so loud. There is nothing to do about it- whether you shut all windows and doors the sound of the kids disco and evening entertainment will be in your ear drums until the early hours.

Definitely recommended for a relaxing holiday. Lots of watersports on offer too if you fancy being a bit more active. Snorkelling is also fantastic.

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