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Downtown Los Angeles

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Downtown Los Angeles

Every major city has its cultural centers, places where all of the different ethnicities in the area merge together into a melting pot of people whose families originate all over the world. In Los Angeles, the biggest cultural center is downtown L.A. While I do not recommend the downtown area to people who can only stay in Los Angeles for a few days, anyone staying longer than a week should definitely explore this area that may still be heavy on pollution and crime, but is also home to some of the best cultural history in town. Upon entering the downtown area, it is hard to miss the music and art scene. If the Museum of Contemporary Art and Walt Disney Music Hall does not already occupy your entire day, the L.A. convention (frequent Auto shows etc.) center and various racetracks can always give added entertainment. Heading into central downtown Los Angeles offers a world-wide travel experience in a day’s time. China Town borders inner downtown and offers everything from giant buffet houses to some of the cheapest fashion and beauty products in all of Los Angeles. Heading further into downtown Los Angeles takes visitors to Olvera Street, the Mexican cultural neighborhood that offers some of the few truly authentic Mexican restaurants in L.A. (the others are in Santa Monica), and some of the friendlier people in downtown L.A. The rest of the friendly downtown folk are found past the fashion district, in Little Tokyo, which has some of the best authentic Japanese Sweets on the West Coast. Downtown L.A. should be traversed cautiously as the crime rates are high there and a few of my friends have been mugged there before. Travel there by car and stick to any of the areas I have described, or travel by bus and stay in one of these areas, though, and you are sure to have a safe, fun, and unforgettable day. [more ]

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