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EV Bodrum

3.0 stars



Bodrum is a great place for a younger persons holiday as a bit of an escape, yet one with a thriving nightlife - however if your going for the culture there are better places to visit! Partying is Bodrum was good (apart from the fact that each place only seems to have one CD so I heard the same song about 7 times in one night!) and none of the bars and clubs ever seem to close, which I thought was fantastic! It is very tourist orientated so everyone speaks English and there are a lot of English food choices, with many prices in Pounds Sterling, which came as a bit of a shock to me! The waiters come out with funny lines as well "Do you want more tea, coffee," each seemed to have some different line "How can I hassle you?" which made us laugh, but I must say that Turkish guys are very good looking! There are some great shops, so if you are into shopping you'll love it! The beach is ok, but like most beaches in Turkey its fairly pebbly and the water feels like its the Antarctic! There are small nearby towns that you can visit, either by day or by night, a yachting club, lots of lovely dining options, small art galleries and there is a small castle in the town center. I was there for four days, I think I would have got bored if I was there for longer (although I'm not one for laying on the beach all day!) I did have a really good time as I particularly liked the nightlife that Bodrum had to offer! [more ]

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