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The Bund Hotel, Shanghai

4.0 stars
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The Bund Hotel

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The Bund Shanghai

The beautiful historic buildings of The Bund on one side and the iconic modern high rises of the Pudong district on the other side of the Huangpu River are the most visited areas of Shanghai but well worth a visit if you are there.

I arrived in Shanghai on a ferry from an island in the East China Sea and it was the most magical way to see the city for the first time. It was about 6 in the morning and the sun was glinting off those modern buildings on one side whilst hundreds of older Chinese people did Tai Chi in front of the historic colonial buildings of the Bund – it was amazing!

Even if you don’t arrive in Shanghai by boat I would certainly recommend taking a boat trip along the river for a real Shanghai experience. You can also go up the Jin Mao Tower and have a drink in the bar of the Grand Hyatt Hotel for fantastic views of Shanghai and The Bund. [more ]

The Bund Shanghai

Shanghai is one of my favourite places in China, and this after 25 years of travelling in the country. The city has grown beyond belief in the past few years but there is one place which will always be at the heart of the city. The Bund. This is the promenade which runs alongside the Huang Pu River, with The Customs House building looking remarkably like the Liver Building in Liverpool. Possibly due to the trade between the two cities, one influenced the other. The Bund is a place for strolling, maybe having a card caricature made of yourself and enjoying the hospitality and friendship of the Chinese people. Shanghai may now be the centre of commerce and industry in the new China but the Bund remains as ever. [more ]

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The Bund Hotel

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