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Veterans Beach, General Santos

5.0 stars


Why Don't You Have Fun at Veterans Beach

There’s another diving spot in General Santos city that you should try if ever you’re in the vicinity. The name? Well, it goes by its two popular names, "Veterans Beach" or "Sulifman Diving Site."

Aside from waddling in its waters, a perfect thing to do there is to walk barefoot on its sand and just enjoy the wind, the warm rays of the sun, and the people around you.

Cottages for rent around the area are about P150 - conveniently priced if you ask me. But be aware that prices do change, so it would be best to ask around first before you decide to go there.

This beach is such a wonderful diving site. And it's not so surprising if you would see both beginners and professionals in the area.

There are some spots that are most visited by divers. Some areas show odd remnants of blast damage. At the further end of the Wall of Veteran’s Beach, where the seabed has a gentle slope, you would find the perfect spot for diving and exploring the secrets of the deep.

Aside from all that, what's nice about this is that everything is noticeably kept secured for you to feel comfortably safe to enjoy its waters without worrying about anything else. [more ]

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