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Hotel Skanstulls VandrarhemStockholm

4.0 stars


Probably the best hostel in the world!

Well... I'm not sure about the world but for sure the best place I have stayed at in Stockholm.

The personel working there are great. The rooms are verry comfy and the beds are just as good as any hotel bed. I guess this was one of their main ideas as their slogan is ”Sleep in hotel beds for hostel rates”.

When it comes to the daily rates they where cheaper then any other hostel in the city when I checked-in and even though I stayed in a 12 bed dorm, the beds where constructed to give maximum privacy.

The common areas in the hostel provides what ever one can need. There where plenty of free pasta, free tea and coffee as well as a good system where guests who have checked out can leave food they don't want to take with them so in it turned out that pretty much all my meals when staying there was for free. What more can one ask for?

There are also a lot of toilets which is good for preventing ques in the mornings.

In short... It was clean and fresh with a modern interior and I loved to stay there.

Next time I go to Stockholm I know where to stay!
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Hotel Skanstulls VandrarhemStockholm Stockholm
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