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The Sweet Café, Ko Phangan

5.0 stars


Bad Overall Experience

The owner was extremely rude and stingy. The juices were served at a disgusting room temperature (which in Phangan is more on the hot side). Everyone who enters the shop MUST buy something, so you basically can NOT hangout with your friends if you do not want to eat or drink something. On the point of Wi-fi, here's an excerpt from my very own experience, the owner, Irene, said to my friend, "are you using our Wi-fi? Are you? You only ordered a bottle of water which is only 25 Baht, and this is not an internet cafe!" Little does she know, my friend was on her 3G network.

If you are, for any reason, waiting for the ferry the day after fullmoon and you are having a hangover and a headache, do NOT go to the Sweet Cafe. Do not fall asleep in her shop while your friends are checking their e-mail or just sitting there, she will embarrass you in front everyone. "There is a public sauna down the road where you can sleep. This is unacceptable!"

They DO NOT accept credit cards, the waiters will accept your card, but you will be greeted with an angry Irene saying "have you never been here?!? have you never travelled? no one accepts credit card!"
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