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Shanghai Brewery

5.0 stars


Shanghai Brewery is THE place for micro-brew!

I've been living in Hongqiao, Shanghai for several years. So I am really psyched that Shanghai Brewery has opened. It has tasty micro-brews that remind me of the States. I loved the West River Weizen, tasty and fresh. An awesome summer brew, really smooth. I also had the micro-brew sampler set, and the People's Pilsner was good, too. The IPA was strong, they said 6% alcohol, and quite bitter. But ales are meant to be bitter.

Shanghai Brewery is also a pretty decent restaurant with an extensive menu. Mexican, Italian, German, Mediterranean food and lots of pub grub. I had a pizza. Would recommend it.

On the ground floor there are 2 pool tables, which were constantly being used. And in typical sports bar fashion, plenty of LCD TV's. I didn't go upstairs.

I really liked the brewing equipment and pipes coming down from the ceiling. Really cool stuff! And the rest of the place looks pretty decent, too.

I'll be hanging out here at least a week to fill my craving for tasty micro-brew. Hope they won't run out of Weizen.
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