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Monarch, Prague

4.0 stars


Wine and cheese

The Monarch wine bar is a stylish but necessarily formal affair. The decor is simple, but gives off an air of importance. There are the standard floor-to-ceiling wine racks, dark wooden table and candles. The Monarch on Na Perstyne is really attractive looking form the outside, with huge windows and candle-light filtering through them onto the street at night. There is a very large selection of wines, a lot of which are expensive, but even the not-so-expensive wines are good. They carry a number of different wines from the Czech Spielberg winery - they're excellent.

This is really a nice (non-smoking) place to get a glass of wine with some jamon and fancy cheese (actually, the cheese smell can sometimes be overpowering) before dinner. If you want to get a meal with all the wonderful wine, you can also go to the Monarch at V Kolkovne 6 (in Old Town, close to the Spanish Synagogue) for a dinner. I'm not a huge fan of the decor in Kolkovna, but some people like it. The waiters are unobtrusive and professional.

This is the kind of place where you can always trust to get a good glass of wine. [more ]

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