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Boulevard Restrobar, Singapore City

4.0 stars


Boulevard Restrobar great chillout place!

WHAT TO EXPECT: Classy, sophisticated, sleekly decorated bar to hang out and chill. You will see many working adults and corporate executives. The place is like a walk away from Tanjong Pagar MRT and it was easy for me to flag a cab cause it’s just next to Red Dot museum.

CHILLED OUT IS THE WAY TO BE- When the sun sets, you’ll see the place is jampacked with people especially on Friday nights as they wind down after work.

INSIDE, THE DECOR IS A FEAST- When I step in the bar, I was amazed with the contemporary interior design, dim lighting and chill out scene. It is just a feeling of sangfroid, if you come in during the day; it is less packed so you’ll have the space to yourselves. At night, it looks like an island bar from the outside as there is an alfresco seating, cooling breeze and warm lighting. Simply a chill-out haven

THE MENU SEEMS AT ODDS- they have a fusion Mediterranean-themed menu, with food choice varying from anti-pasti, tapas, bar snacks, sandwich, pizza, pasta, and main courses. You’ll see more groups than duos who will share medley of tapas and an executive platter. I so love their garlic prawns.

YOU'LL LOVE IT for the food, the vibe and the extensive amount of relaxation.

YOU'LL HATE IT if you don’t try their drinks and go to their other outlet, the Craft beers

GO FOR the tapas and a round of drinks

IT'LL COST YOU tapas $14, executive platter $50, wine by the glass $10, housepour spirits $10
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Love the alfresco seating!

I have been to Boulevard Restrobar a couple of times already. Every time I’m there I will opt to sit at the alfresco seating because I like the relaxing and casual ambience along with the warm lightings. Even though we are seated outdoors but the place is kept at a very cool temperature, unlike some other alfresco bars, which can get really warm and humid with the weather.The down side would be when it rains because the ambience will not be fully brought out. Although I personally prefer the alfresco seating, the interior of the bar also has a stylish and classy design, along with low lightings and cozy sofas to cater to people with two different preferences.
They also have a wide selection of alcohol available. My friends and I will always order a bottle of their premium whisky, or gin, which can last us the entire night. I will visit the place again for its nice ambience, which is cool for chilling out with friends.
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Boulevard Restrobar Singapore City
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