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Boulevard Craft Beer by Archipelago, Singapore City

4.0 stars


Place to chill

Visited the Boulevard Craft beers last Monday as I’ve heard that it is less crowded as compared to other days of the week. First impression of Craft beers was the casual relaxing yet lively atmosphere it gives. The place was clean, and relatively spacious. Ordered the Summer Ale, which was really refreshing! I also love the slight sweet after taste. It goes well with all the food that I ordered such as skewers, and crackling pork belly. A good place to chill after a day of work or shopping around town with friends or without! The enthusiastic crowd and friendly staffs are sure to brighten up your day! [more ]

My weekend venture

Been searching for a comfortable place to watch live cricket matches with my mates while eating good food and drinking great beer. Went to a lot of bars, but could not find what I was looking forward. Until a friend introduced me to Boulevard.
The food is good, especially the Crackling Pork Belly and DC Prime Ribs. Great tasty beer from Archipelago too. Though, I find that the serving size of the food is a tad too small for me. But this of course gave me a chance to try out other food.
The staff there also seems to be very well trained. They are polite and fulfilled my food preferences.
In terms of ambience, the softness of the lightings and music meant that it made for a perfect venue for networking. Though when there are live sports matches, the atmosphere becomes more charged and lively.
Reservations are recommended, especially on days that have big live sports matches.
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Enjoy live sports with cinematic surround system!

Craft beers has been one of my favourite bars because it provides a great ambience for chilling out with my friends and catching live sports together with others of similar interests on a huge screen, besides the fact that it is conveniently located near my company! Sometimes even without live matches going on, I also enjoy listening to the old school or pop rock music played at the bar.
I’ve also loved the range of Archipelago brews that are available at the bar, and they have introduced a new flavour recently called the Belgian wheat, which has made it to one of my top favourite beers! I highly recommend the crackling pork belly,which has really crisp skin and the tandoori fish with a tender texture, accompanied with a light sauce, which I thought brought out the taste of the dish perfectly.
The place is often packed with people, so I suggest making early reservations if you are interested in catching your favourite matches live with cinematic surround system.
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