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Boulevard Bayfront, Singapore City

4.0 stars


New dining option

I spotted this bar while on my way out of my office building. So I went into this bar just hoping to fill up my growling stomach. To my surprise, I got more than what I bargained for!
The interior of the bar is classy and trendy. It feels quite welcoming, unlike a few bars that I previously patron before that have an intimidating factor in them. One complaint is that the interior is quite small, and thus the seats are few and cramped together.
Moving on to the food, the pizza I had had the most thin and crispy crust ever, and the toppings are generous and made of fresh ingredients. Easily the best I ever had! The accompanying bar nibbles I ordered was on the smaller side, but they were still quite filling and delicious. The glass of wine I had based on the recommendation of the staff served to enhance the flavours of the food perfectly.
With this bar in mind, I will definitely tell my colleagues about this and perhaps arrange our office’s biweekly dinner gathering here instead.
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Membership card

I’ve just got their Boulevard Membership card, it cost me a bomb but the returns are much more worth it cause they included vouchers and discounts for me to splurge on the drinks and food. I heard of Bayfront, it was opened like a month ago, so that’s my hang out place to replace Harry’s down the marina bay link mall. So I’ve got this card, and I used the voucher for 1 bottle of vodka and the pizza to celebrate my colleague’s birthday. If I had to pay all of that in cash, it must hurt my pocket pretty much…
But hey! I paid $480 for a membership card! That’s like a whopping 3 digit number, but I can enjoy as much as I want. This is the life!
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