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Asolaze Resort, Isaba

4.0 stars


One weekend of relaxation in the mountains

Hi all! Hola!

Because I really love to walk in woods, valleys and untouched nature, I went to Asolaze Resort last week to spend the weekend and I really loved it.

The campground is in the middle of the mountains and woods of the Spanish Pyrenees. I walked in the area for hours without seeing any human being and I took a bath in one of the mountain rivers which was very refreshing. The personnel on the campsite were very friendly and the owners are Dutch. (So am I as you might notice from my writing) :)

Isaba is a small village that lies 6km from the campsite and is a typical characteristic village with 2 small supermarkets, a small ¨anything you might need¨ shop, a bakery, a butcher’s shop, a swimming pool and some hotels/hostels, bars and restaurants. The closest en very beautiful city is Pamplona, which is a 75 minutes drive by car.

I think this campsite is ideal for people who want to langlauf, alpine ski, walking/tracking, mountain biking and mountain climbing. Especially it’s perfect for complete relaxation. I have bin there for just one weekend and I feel like reborn again :)
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Asolaze Resort Isaba
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