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Rent Holiday Apartment London

4.0 stars



My boss sent me to London to arrange some documents and negotiate about some deals. I had no idea where to stay at, but a friend of mine told me about Rent Holiday Apartment London. I called them and booked with them. It was a bit expensive but totally worth it. The flat I was in looked better than on the pictures on their website and everything went smoothly with my job as well. I recommend the company if you are in a situation similar to mine. [more ]


I went to London because I had an assignment on " London`s Culture " so I decided to spend some time there and make some notes on the cultural life in London. The only problem was I didnt had anywhere to stay at, but one of my friends told me about the company. I called them and booked a flat. Honestly, I am very glad I used Rent Holiday Apartment London because the apartment was just what I needed.Recommend them! [more ]

Rent Apartment London

Well my experience with the firm is great. The location was excellent and the room quiet and peaceful. London is beautiful and if you havent been there, visit it as soon as possible, I can assure you, you will have a good time! [more ]

Nice apartments

I visit London several times during the year because of my work, since I found Rent Holiday Apartment London I havent used any other company. They are very friendly, and once you let them know which dates you want to stay at the flat they try to arrange everything on time so you can have no worries. Recommend them ! [more ]

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Rent Holiday Apartment London London
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