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Oberbayern Restaurants

Top Restaurants in Oberbayern

Hofbräuhaus 4.0 stars
German, Restaurant in Munich
The thing I like about the Hofbräuhaus is that it turns non-beer drinkers into beer drinkers, seperates the boys from the men, and is guaranteed fun for one and all. The food is traditonal German goodness, although I have found better in the ... [more ]
L'Osteria 5.0 stars
Italian, Restaurant in Munich
This Italian restaurant serves the biggest pizzas I have ever seen. L’Osteria is located in Leopoldstrasse, only two stops away from Marienplatz and is easy to get to by public transport. The restaurant serves great Italian food at amazingly ... [more ]
Gast - open kitchen 4.0 stars
Italian, Restaurant in Munich
Gast is a restaurant but not in a traditional sense. It has a refreshingly new and different concept. When you walk in, you get a card that you can use to purchase your food and drinks. And then you pay for it when you leave. Gast is quite a ... [more ]
Donisl 4.0 stars
German, Restaurant in Munich
Interested in traditional bavarian food? You can try this lovely restaurant, Donisl right next to the Rathaus at Marienplatz. During the summer time, they do offer some tables outside, where you can enjoy your beer and take a look at people ... [more ]
Weisses Bräuhaus 4.0 stars
Restaurant in Munich
I don't go to German beerhouses often enough. This one is so charming - it's a lovely, older place that serves the finest in real Bavarian cuisine. They make these huge plates of food that are so tasty and filling, and of course the beer is ... [more ]
Bella Italia 4.0 stars
Italian, Restaurant in Munich
I really have to write about this restaurant. This is my favourite restaurant in Munich and I was there with one of my friend just last night. My Lasagne was pretty good as always but the my friend’s food was kind of disappointing last night. She ... [more ]
Sausalitos 4.0 stars
Mexican, Restaurant in Munich
Of all the alleged Mexican restaurants in Munich (and there are more than a few), this one is probably the closest you can find to authentic Mexican food (or at least Tex-Mex). Certainly they do the margaritas the right way, and a couple of those ... [more ]
Steinheil 5.0 stars
Restaurant in Munich
Steinheilstr. 16, located in the heart of Schwabing, the best place to have schnitzel just like the original one from Vienna. Thin and crusty, served with fries or german potatoes and a side salad. Packed place with mostly young students, fairly ... [more ]
Bergwolf 4.0 stars
German, Restaurant in Munich
located Frauenhoferstr. / Klenzestr. (tube No. 2 stop: Frauenhoferstr. ) a lot of young people - packed at every time of the day; open til 3 o`clock in the morning and the most important thing: every soccergame is broadcast live on a big ... [more ]
Café Forum, Bar & Restaurant 4.0 stars
Restaurant in Munich
I'm not even sure if this restaurant is open at any other time, because the thing everyone goes here for is breakfast. They serve breakfast straight through until the afternoon, and it's some wonderful stuff. There are lots of choices, ... [more ]
Arabesk 4.0 stars
Arab, Restaurant in Munich
I always laugh at Middle Eastern restaurants outside the Middle East, because they seem to think it's impossible to have an authentic meal without the presence of a belly dancer. Corny clichés aside, the food at Arabesk is actually quite good, ... [more ]
Villa Dante 5.0 stars
Italian, Restaurant in Munich
This is another very good restaurant, famous for its traditional italian food. I think this is where I had my first very well-backed pizza in Germany. This restaurant is not so cheap as the one that I wrote about before at Karlsplatz but it ... [more ]
Erdinger Weißbiergarten 5.0 stars
German, Restaurant in Munich
The Erdinger Weissbiergarten is a small restauraunt with a connected biergarten that is situated under the shade of huge chestnut trees. The area is quiet and the atmosphere is very relaxing! Just what makes this beergarden to stand out is hard ... [more ]
Ruen Thai Restaurant 5.0 stars
Thai, Restaurant in Munich
Located in an area of buildings from the beginning of the XX century, the Rüen Thai restaurant stays near Heimeranplatz U-Bahn station. It has a comfortable-home inviting décor, with spacious tables. The food is really delicious – from the curry ... [more ]
China Chi Wan 5.0 stars
Chinese, Restaurant in Munich
If you are looking for top Chinese food in Munich, then Chi Wan is the restaurant to go – no doubt! The food is diversified and delicious – with a great chef from Hong Kong, though dishes are from all over China. The decor is also quiet inviting ... [more ]
Lisboa Bar 5.0 stars
Portuguese, Restaurant in Munich
I absolutely love this place, both for dinner and for drinks. The atmosphere is like nowhere else in Munich, and the feel is more South American than Portuguese in some respects. The food and entertainment are both excellent (the piri-piri is ... [more ]
Liebighof 5.0 stars
German, Restaurant in Munich
I'm sure I'm not the only one that enjoys a winter stroll around the city of Munich followed by a tasty meal in a tradtional Bavarian restaurant. It would be hard for me to forget the lovely dining experience I had at Liebighof im Lehel, since it ... [more ]
Blue Nile 5.0 stars
Ethopian, Restaurant in Munich
If you like Ethiopian food and want to head to Schwabing area, not far from Münchner Freiheit you will find the Blue Nile restaurant. Open everyday from 18h00-01h00, Blue Nile is a small nice place where you should start with some kind of ... [more ]
Siam Restaurant 5.0 stars
Thai, Restaurant in Munich
If you are looking into delicious Thai food in a calm and exotic oriental ambience – then Siam Restaurant is the place to go. The hostesses wear typical Thai beautiful dresses and the décor is quite inviting with touches of luxury here and there. ... [more ]
Tandoori 5.0 stars
Oriental, Restaurant in Munich
Chosing a restaurant in Munich might be a bit tricky. First of all, there is such a wide range of restaurants, that you would try all of them. Second of all, the ones in the central area are rather expensive. We were visiting the city with a ... [more ]
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