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Oberbayern Attractions

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Dachau concentration camp 5.0 stars
At about 1 hour from Munich you will find the village of Dachau. Surely you know this infamous place due to the first concentration camp located here during the Nazi time. It worked somehow as a precursor for what followed in larger scale – in a ... [more ]
Englischer Garten 4.0 stars
Englischer garden has something for most people. If you want to play football or any other ballgame to to the north of the park where there are plenty of possibilities to join in or play yourself. If you want to have a beer go to the Chinesischer ... [more ]
Deutsches Museum 4.0 stars
For Technology and Science geeks such as myself, the Deutsches Museum in Munich has got to be the holy grail of all that is wonderful about technology. Having studied Astronomy and Science Communication, it was only natural for me to head to ... [more ]
Nymphenburg Palace 4.0 stars
The Nymphenburg Palace is one of the most beautiful attractions of Munich. It stays in a really nice area to visit – given that the Botanic Garden stays nearby and a large garden extends beyond the Palace, along a small water course. This was ... [more ]
Marienplatz 4.0 stars
In the centre of Munich is the grand Marienplatz, an open space filled with some of Munich's important historical buildings. It is where I started my tour of the city simply because it is a good orientation point for visiting other attractions in ... [more ]
Alte Pinakothek 4.0 stars
The Alte Pinakothek is one of the many art museums in Munich. It is located right next to the Pinakothek Moderne and Neue Pinakothek making it a must see location for anyone art interested. The museum is medium sized with enough to look at for a ... [more ]
Oktoberfest 5.0 stars
Munich’s Oktoberfest is certainly one of the largest popular parties in the world. Its roots go back to a royal wedding that the Bavarians and people from all over the world still celebrate every year. Of course beer is an essential part in the ... [more ]
Viktualienmarkt 4.0 stars
Viktualienmarkt is a great place to buy stuff for a picnic in the Englischer Garten. The fruit assortment is excellent and whatever else you want as a snack for a sunny day is also there for you grabbing. Viktualienmarkt is although just not a ... [more ]
Olympiapark 5.0 stars
There is no way to see the olympic shadow that tainted the München Olympics today, all that is left is a sports stadium with an incredible architecture and landscaping. If you want a workout there are plenty of opportunity to take a swim were the ... [more ]
Residenz 4.0 stars
The Residence originated as a small moated castle which was built in 1385 and then gradually expanded by the Wittelsbach rulers who lived here and used it as their seat of government until 1918. It is located in the centre of the old town of ... [more ]
Klosterkirche Andechs 4.0 stars
Andechs Monastery is located about an hour south of Munich near the town of Herrsching. Herrsching itself is on a lake and quite pretty for a day out in Munich with the alps within sight to the South. However, the big draw for the town is ... [more ]
Zugspitze 5.0 stars
Right on border with the Austrian Tirol, the Zugspitze is the tallest mountain in Germany, reaching 2962 meters. When days are really clear it is said you can see 4 countries: thus Italy and Switzerland too. Most probably though you should check ... [more ]
Burg zu Burghausen 5.0 stars
Burghausen is a small town on the Salzach river, on the border between Germany and Austria. Atop a hill in the town is the longest castle in the world with length of more than a kilometer and at least six different courtyards in line one after ... [more ]
Ammersee 4.0 stars
The lake front on the Ammersee in Herrsching has lots of options for those who would rather spend a day out on a lake than in the city. Although there is no beach to speak of, as there are no real beaches in Bavaria, there is a nice swimming ... [more ]
St. Peter's Church 4.0 stars
St. Peter’s is the oldest church in Munich (built around 1200) and has recently undergone a number of renovations. The interior is still dominated by the high altar dedicated to St. Peter and is truly magnificent. But, the highlight for me (and ... [more ]
Tierpark Hellabrunn 4.0 stars
This is an interesting place indeed, as is most of Munich. One thing you should know here is that actually there is an area here that is reserved explicitly for sun tanning. Actually the area is reserved specifically for this purpose. If you ... [more ]
Schlosspark Nymphenburg 5.0 stars
If you decide to travel to Munich and are the active type of person, make sure to ask about Nymphenburger Park and how to get there. Nymphenburger Park is a great place to go for a jog or to take your sweetheart for a nice romantic walk. A ... [more ]
Lenbachhaus 4.0 stars
Munich has quite a few art galleries and museums to visit. I like the Lenbachhaus for it hosts a nice combination of modern art. The access to it is quite easy due to the excellent underground transport system in Munich. It has a nice gift-shop ... [more ]
Müllersches Volksbad 4.0 stars
Built in 1901 and looking regal in every respect this pool and sauna complex is even impress from the outside where its high domes overshadow the river bank. Inside the pool and sauna are breathtaking. With its painted high domed roofs and ... [more ]
Glyptothek 4.0 stars
Constructed at the request of the classical-loving King Ludwig I in 1830, Munich’s oldest Museum is situated in Konigsplatz, a square oozing with mock-antiquity. Inside however is the real deal, thirteen rooms, brimming with an extensive ... [more ]
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