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Kilic Zeliha Änderungsschneiderei, Wolfratshausen


The Worst Tailor Ever!

I went to this tailor to have a bridesmaid dress altered for my best friend's up and coming wedding and I was quite appalled by the service I received there. Not only were the prices ridiculous (over 80€ to take the hem up and take in the waist) but they did not measure me properly and as a result I ended up having to go back three times. Even after this the dress was still too narrow (after they took it into much) and they proceeded in breaking the zip so that it would not do up properly. On the second dress fitting they managed to catch my skin in the zip. Anything but professional. I would not recommend this place to anyone- shoddy service and the end result was so awful that I had to take the dress to another tailors!!! [more ]

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