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Art by Stjepko, Dubrovnik


The real artist of Dubrovnik

I found a small gallery close to main street (Stradun) and immediately fell in love
beautiful pictures. So unusual and strong colors, showing scenes of sea and seabed, fishing with light, a lot of colorful fish and Dubrovnik. The painter is a great person, a former captain who circumnavigated the world many times and loves to talk to visitors and sales was not in the first place. I took offered traditional Croatian candy Bajadera and spent half an hour in pleasant company. In the end I became the proud owner of a beautiful painting for more than fair price. I highly recommend Art by Stjepko atelier. [more ]

Charming little gallery

Every inch of this charming little gallery is drenched in stunning, striking works of art, painted by the shop owner himself - an equally charming, talented and welcoming Croatian artist. His vivid paintings of the sea are simply gorgeous, and a perfect (and affordable) souvenir to take away from a Dubrovnik visit. You can't NOT stop by this gallery! [more ]

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Top Photos Art by Stjepko

Art by Stjepko Dubrovnik Artwork, Net , acrylic on canvas 50x40cm Visitors and the artist Dubrovnik, acrylic on canvas, size 50x40 cm The artist
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