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Ginns Ngawha Spa, Kaikohe


Ginns Ngawha Spa

Situated at Ngawha Springs approx 6km S/E of Kaikohe along the Ngawha Springs Road is Ginns Ngawha Spa. As you enter Ngawha Springs go down the hill pass the hall and stay to your RIGHT (not left), go down the loose gravel road and the camp sites are beside Lake Tuwhakino, and the mineral hot pools, in front of the old guest house. The curative properties of these mineral pools are legendary. No frills, just the real hot pool deal. These rustic & charming pools are wooden-sided and sand-bottomed (great for digging your toes into) and are for those who want hot pools without the extraneous add-ons. Camping (power & non-power) available as well as an overnight self-contained accommodation unit. This is must visit! [more ]

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Ginns Ngawha Spa Kaikohe Camping
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