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Sesan Tailor, A Hoi


Excellent, fast & friendly!

We spent a few days in Hoi An and ended up buying a lot more clothes than expected :D

Having said that, we want to give you some practical advices and can really recommend one particular shop.

Before ordering anything, we wandered around a few shops and found that Kimmys and A Dong silk were the biggest and the most expensive tailors but at the same time seemed to offer good quality and a large variety of fabrics. We also visited a few small shops in town and purchased a few items in 5 different shops but the quality was sometimes ok, sometimes really bad even after adjusting a few times and eventually dropping the fight...

And then we found The Sesan Tailor shop, the price were much cheaper than Kimmys and A dong silk and even cheaper than some small low quality shops. They may have less fabrics than bigger shops but the overall quality and service is excellent. We ordered a suit, ties, shirt, coats, women tops, dresses and everything, really everything was perfect!

Zenny, the girl who does the fitting/styling and the tailors do an amazing job, they know exactly how to make the clothes fit and make you look good, the quality of the details are perfect and they work fast (everything was ready for the next day). We didn't know at first what kind of clothes we wanted and could discuss with Zenny what could be done and getting some good advice. She taught us how to choose the right fabric for each specific kind of purpose and the different types of quality.We showed them what we wanted with pictures from the internet and they reproduced them perfectly.

Compared to bigger shops, we never felt any pressure or rush and everything was done in a warmful and friendly atmosphere. A special mention to Zenny, who was very professional, honest with us and always smiling.

In conclusion, after trying so many shops, Sesan obviously provides an excellent quality with skilled employees and tailors for a much than reasonable price and all of that in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

We also could ship everything directly from the shop.

Looking forward to wearing the clothes... Thank you so much! [more ]

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Sesan Tailor A Hoi
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