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Bantayan Cottages


Great Place to stay on a Family Vacation!

We spent at Bantayan Cottages on our first Trip to Bantayan 2 weeks, that was 2009. The Hotel was just a year old or so and we had a very beautiful Cottage in a big Garden that was over and over full with Orchids, different Hibiscus Plants and also some Templetrees. The whole time whenever you opened the door and you stepped onto the Terrace you had that awesome smell that welcomed you. A vacation we never forgot. Since that time we came like 6 more times here and never much changed. The beautiful Garden, an open Kitchen and the friendly Staff always made the Vacation wonderful and as a Family of 5 Persons its nice to stay at a Place where you know that your Kids can play around without disturbing someone. The last bit that let us come here over and over again is a nearly unbeatable price. I can only recomment this Place if you want to have a nice Island Vacation and you are on a Budget, or you wish to spent more on Fun than Accomodation, without trading it for cleanlyness, comfort and atmosphere! [more ]

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