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Bonn Restaurants

5.0 stars

Top Restaurants in Bonn

Taco Mexician Restaurant 4.0 stars
Mexican - #1 of 6 Restaurants in Bonn
This is, at best, a very European-style pastiche of Tex-Mex food. It's kind of a cartoon version, with ridiculous substitutions in some cases (I'm sorry, but ketchup is not the base of real salsa). Having said that, it's no worse than any other ... [more ]
Limao 5.0 stars
Portuguese - #2 of 6 Restaurants in Bonn
This is a haute cuisine version of Brazilian food, with a European twist. The menu is fantastic, with the emphasis on good ingredients, and a lot of preparation with olive oil. Everything is spicy without being too hot, and there are a lot of ... [more ]
Karawane 4.0 stars
Arab - #3 of 6 Restaurants in Bonn
A Mediterranean/Arab buffet, what a great idea! The food here is fantastic, and it's all you can eat, so it's definitely good value. They don't skimp on meat dishes, and there is plenty to choose from. It reminds me of similar buffets in ... [more ]
China-Peking Ente 4.0 stars
Chinese - #4 of 6 Restaurants in Bonn
We were recommended to try Peking Ente sometime in mid-March this year after spending almost 10 days on the road visiting customers and partners in various European countries. We, a small group of 6 Asian-Chinese originating from HK, CN, TW & ... [more ]
Miss Saigon 2.0 stars
Vietnamese - #5 of 6 Restaurants in Bonn
Miss Saigon is an Asian buffet restaurant located down Am Neutor. They have a large selection of Thai, Chinese and Japanese foods. It is cheap at about 5 euros for their large plate but unfortunately I don’t always enjoy the food, I have found it ... [more ]
Miyako 2.0 stars
Japanese - #6 of 6 Restaurants in Bonn
This is not at all the best Japanese restaurant in Bonn. It's expensive and snotty, and I found the service to be cold and unfriendly. The food is okay, maybe even above average, but not excellent. The range of dishes is also average. I think ... [more ]
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