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Boracay Restaurants

4.0 stars

Top Restaurants in Boracay

Cyma Greek Restaurant 3.0 stars
Greek - #1 of 10 Restaurants in Boracay
I first encountered the tiny restaurant called Cyma's after a hyper charged morning shopping in the beach stall in Boracay's D'Mall in station two. I remember it was a cute nautical looking place as if small boat had been used to build the ... [more ]
Cocomangas 3.0 stars
Local - #2 of 10 Restaurants in Boracay
Nothing beats a super happy, really happy, happy-hour! If you’re with friends and you’re itching to party but not sure where exactly to go among the man choices right smack along the beach, take my advice! And one of the most fun I've had is at ... [more ]
Long-ga Burger Beach Stand 4.0 stars
Asian - #3 of 10 Restaurants in Boracay
What I love about Long-ga burger stands isn't just about the burger that they sell that totally is a delight to munch on while you're on a beach towel on the sand. First, there's the fact that you can find them everywhere along the beach. ... [more ]
Jonah's Shakes 5.0 stars
Asian - #4 of 10 Restaurants in Boracay
The only way to truly enjoy your Boracay vacation on the island is to be by the beach, getting a cheap massage on a mat and having the drink in your hand! Jonah's Shake Bar is a fixture among the locals--located in Station One on the stretch ... [more ]
Mang Inasal 5.0 stars
Asian - #5 of 10 Restaurants in Boracay
If you’re craving for a taste of Philippine chicken barbecue and can afford to spend more than a dollar, you don’t go to Andoks. You go to Mang Inasal. This restaurant houses the best chicken barbecue in the country. What makes the chicken here ... [more ]
Bite Club Grilled Burger 5.0 stars
North American - #6 of 10 Restaurants in Boracay
Surprisingly, I have found one of my favorite foods in Boracay. No, it’s not chicken or any fruit. Guess what? It’s a huge, huge hamburger! Only offered in Bite Club Grilled Burger, this hamburger is twice or thrice the size of a regular burger. ... [more ]
Chopsticks 5.0 stars
Thai - #7 of 10 Restaurants in Boracay
Aside from local Philippine food, you can also find other types of cuisines in Boracay. Just take a look at Chopsticks, which is located just beside the Bite Club Grilled Burger. This restaurant offers Thai food at fair prices. I say fair because ... [more ]
Jammers Burgers 4.0 stars
Italian - #8 of 10 Restaurants in Boracay
If you’re starving for an honest-to-goodness beef burger or a hotdog just like you’d get in the big city, look no further. Just head over right on the beach front and you’ll find a local burger joint. Jammers Burgers can serve it right up. Big ... [more ]
Aria Cucina Italiana 4.0 stars
Italian - #9 of 10 Restaurants in Boracay
Aria Cucina Italiana is one of those must-go-eat-here places along the beach if only if your nose leads you from the beach walk to the wood-baked pizza smells from the oven! Right in the entrance to D'Mall, the open-air arcade of stores right ... [more ]
Andoks 4.0 stars
Asian - #10 of 10 Restaurants in Boracay
During my Boaracay trip, I have proven what everyone has been talking about: the food in this island is expensive. Well, don’t believe that rumor yet because I’m here to save your day. Although some restaurants are expensive, Andoks is there to ... [more ]
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