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Peru Travel Guide 5 stars
Whether you want to keep fit or it’s by personal preference,Peru Adventure has the perfect trekking, hiking and walking scenery for the holidays. This part of the world is richly endorsed. Looping day hikes and meandering mountain treks make the order of the activities. There is everything for everyone. There is a one day hike for those who wish to remain on the safe side, and multi-day or multi-week for those with the adventurous spirit. While the topography presents breathtaking sights, the altitude is such a distraction.

Most of the treks we all would want to sample are above 4,000 meters, a thing that would not lather well with any person whose highest altitude is the sky scrapper. Anything over 2000 meters will trigger the onset of altitude sickness. It is therefore important that you take time to acclimatize before your begin your treks. Otherwise, holiday Peru will not be as fulfilling. To acclimatize, you need to report to base camp early and get used to reduced levels of oxygen. You will learn that it is a small price to pay.

Well, there are those of us who think reduced levels of oxygen are nothing to warm up to. If you fall into this category, the Classic Inca Trail awaits you. This is considered a moderate hike despite the long walks uphill. Roll out your camera and set the film in motion as breathtaking rain forests and mountain landscapes await you. Along the trek, feast your eyes to Phuyupatamarca, Sayacmarca and Runkuracay ruins. Prepare well in advance and have your permits ready. You don’t want huge fines and deportation.

Holiday Peru is a place for serious trekking but would be unjust if the daily indicators of civilization were far removed. There are hikes, and plenty for that matter, where a driver can drop you off and pick you up later. If you can’t do without the sound of the engine, Peru is home.
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