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4.0 stars

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The Lichtbringer (the light carrier) is very golden

The first time when I looked at the facade art, I was totally amazed by the size and the look, but I didn’t that the light carrier on the wall plays a very important role in Boettcherstrasse. I was even joking to Nicolas about the naked lady on the facade. Helmut who is the Bremen native told us that this facade relief on the wall was depicted by a very famous artist as a victory of Adolf Hitler over the darkness. But I just don’t understand why he described it with a golden naked lady with a sword on the right hand, which was fighting with three crocodiles. The golden lady was portrayed upside down diagonally and there are human beings around the crocodiles. The light carrier is really... [more ]

Bremen - what to visit

If visiting Bremen I recommend passing by the Universum. This is some sort of... [more ]


Bremen is one of the most tranquil cities I have ever been, especially for... [more ]

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1. Bremer Rathaus 5.0 stars
2. Becks Brewery Tour 4.0 stars
3. Kunsthalle Bremen 4.0 stars
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