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Brixton Travel Tips

1.0 stars

Insider advice for your Brixton vacation

Brixton: avoid this area 1 stars
As a holder of a Underground tube pass that gave me unlimited travel for five days, I was determined to see as much of the greater London area as possible. After viewing the typical sites, I decided to wander aimlessly and get off at more or less random stops. Big mistake.

I got off at the Brixton tube station and started to walk through the neighbourhood before boarding a double deckered bus, at random. It took me through a graffiti filled neighbourhood that was not entirely safe for a preppy dresser like me. The bus itself was peopled with individuals who dressed in the style of American rappers and several of them gave me very threatening, dirty looks, completely unprovoked unless me being on their 'turf' is to be considered provocation.

I decided to go away from this neighbourhood and I recommend that you avoid it entirely. Rough people, graffiti, and police taped off murder scenes is what you will find here.


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