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Europe Restaurants

4.0 stars

Top Restaurants in Europe

Hofbräuhaus 4.0 stars
German, Restaurant in Munich
The thing I like about the Hofbräuhaus is that it turns non-beer drinkers into beer drinkers, seperates the boys from the men, and is guaranteed fun for one and all. The food is traditonal German goodness, although I have found better in the ... [more ]
Wagamama 4.0 stars
Asian, Restaurant in London
I have been to Wagamama twice. It's an Asian-style chain restaurant that is apparently very popular in London. The first time I went, a British friend brought me, telling me I "had to try it." I am skeptical of chain restaurants that I "have to ... [more ]
L'As du Fallafel 5.0 stars
Jewish, Restaurant in Paris
I've had a lot of falafel, but the ones at l'As du Fallafel are by far the best ones I've ever tasted. The actual falafels are much smaller than you're used to, which means more of that crispy crust, and the sauces and condiments that are added ... [more ]
U Cerneho Vola 5.0 stars
Local, Restaurant in Prague
If you're looking for something that offers a little more sustenance than bar food, head next door from U Cerneho Vola to U Sevce Matouse for a steak grilled to perfection and pommes frites that get better with each round of beers. A former ... [more ]
The Pancake Bakery 5.0 stars
International, Restaurant in Amsterdam
This is one of my favourite restaurant in Amsterdam. I was there once with my friends on my second or third trip to this crazy city. That was also when I falled in love with this Dutch cuisine. Normally I do not like Dutch food at all, but ... [more ]
Taco Mexician Restaurant 4.0 stars
Mexican, Restaurant in Bonn
This is, at best, a very European-style pastiche of Tex-Mex food. It's kind of a cartoon version, with ridiculous substitutions in some cases (I'm sorry, but ketchup is not the base of real salsa). Having said that, it's no worse than any other ... [more ]
The Devils Dyke Restaurant and Bar 3.0 stars
English, Restaurant in Brighton
About an hour outside of Brighton by bus, Devil's Dyke pub is immediately adjacent to the bus stop, making it a more than convenient place to eat and drink after the ride. It can definitely take some time to get a table if you are going on a ... [more ]
Golden Chopstick 1.0 stars
Asian, Restaurant in Amsterdam
I know that service is not perfect in Amsterdam, but come on, give me a break the way that my fiancée and I were treated at the Golden Chopsticks is flat out inexcusable. We sat down at the Golden Chopsticks after a long day of walking in and ... [more ]
Früh am Dom 5.0 stars
German, Restaurant in Cologne
The Frueh (no umlaut key, sorry!) am Dom is definitely worth a visit if you are in Cologne, or even if you're anywhere near. Located almost next to the Dom, it is quite the experience. Even just wandering around the restaurant is an adventure. ... [more ]
Centimetre 5.0 stars
Austrian, Restaurant in Vienna
So after leaving the castle we decide to eat at te Centimetre... we had loved the atmosphere and were really looking forward to sit, drink beer and just spend a nice relaxing evening. We arrived and took one of the best tables... or at least a ... [more ]
Balutschistan 5.0 stars
Indian, Restaurant in Hamburg
If you like Indian food, one of the best places to go is the restaurant “Balutschistan” (Schulterblatt). It is not the cheapest place but for ten Euros you can get stuffed with Indian delicatessens. As vegetarian you are in heaven here because ... [more ]
L'Osteria 5.0 stars
Italian, Restaurant in Munich
This Italian restaurant serves the biggest pizzas I have ever seen. L’Osteria is located in Leopoldstrasse, only two stops away from Marienplatz and is easy to get to by public transport. The restaurant serves great Italian food at amazingly ... [more ]
Gast - open kitchen 4.0 stars
Italian, Restaurant in Munich
Gast is a restaurant but not in a traditional sense. It has a refreshingly new and different concept. When you walk in, you get a card that you can use to purchase your food and drinks. And then you pay for it when you leave. Gast is quite a ... [more ]
YO! Sushi 4.0 stars
Sushi, Restaurant in London
London has lots of places where you can eat good Japanese food. I haven’t been to Nobu or I-Thai in The Hempel Hotel (yet), but I can give you a recommendation if you want to eat tasty sushi without needing to pay too much. My favorite ... [more ]
Weisses Bräuhaus 4.0 stars
Restaurant in Munich
I don't go to German beerhouses often enough. This one is so charming - it's a lovely, older place that serves the finest in real Bavarian cuisine. They make these huge plates of food that are so tasty and filling, and of course the beer is ... [more ]
Donisl 4.0 stars
German, Restaurant in Munich
Interested in traditional bavarian food? You can try this lovely restaurant, Donisl right next to the Rathaus at Marienplatz. During the summer time, they do offer some tables outside, where you can enjoy your beer and take a look at people ... [more ]
NH Köln 3.0 stars
German, Restaurant in Cologne
Köln has a little disappointed me in terms of architecture. I was expecting to have a walk in a nice old town of Köln, to enjoy old traditional buildings, to brows through narrow pebbled-stone streets. It occurred that probably the most ... [more ]
Senderens 5.0 stars
French, Restaurant in Paris
Senderens is one of the top-rated restaurants in Paris, and for good reason. The menu, while not particularly extensive, is ambitious and the flavour combinations are bold and, for the most part, very successful. You need to book early to ... [more ]
La Chine Massena 5.0 stars
Chinese, Restaurant in Paris
Kitschy, like something straight out of a 1930s leg-and-fanny musical set in Shanghai, China Club is nevertheless a hot place to hit on the Parisian club scene. Extravagant, red, and vintage are three words that immediately come to mind in ... [more ]
Nando's Chickenland 5.0 stars
Portuguese, Restaurant in Bath
The first time I ever heard of Nando's, it was only about the sauce: my British friend had brought a bottle of their famous Peri-Peri sauce back to Canada with him. I loved it immediately: it's spicy, but it has other flavors too, instead of ... [more ]
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