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Europe Attractions

4.0 stars
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Trans-Siberian Express 4.0 stars
For me the highlight of the Trans Siberian was the Dining Carriage. This may sound strange, but it was like a capsule containing a condensed version of whatever country you went through. It was changed at every boarder so you had the Chinese, ... [more ]
Eiffel Tower 4.0 stars
I've heard a lot of complaints about huge lines for going up the Tower, and I know that it's true: I live right by the tower, and the crowds are atrocious most of the time. Most tourists resign themselves to the fact that at a lot of attractions ... [more ]
The London Eye 4.0 stars
London Eye is located on the Thames, it is about 5 minutes walk from Waterloo station. When I visited the London Eye, I was very skeptical, but I absolutely enjoyed it, it was much better than I predicted. On the day I went, the weather was ... [more ]
Louvre 4.0 stars
You can’t miss the iconic glass pyramids above the Louvre and the beautiful old buildings surrounding it make a real impression. The Louvre is one of the most famous landmarks of Paris and houses the Mona Lisa, but I have to say I found it rather ... [more ]
Alhambra 5.0 stars
The inside of the Alhambra is magnificent and its beauty is almost beyond description. It looks like a palace out of a fairy tale. Nearly every wall is adorned with intricately detailed carvings or beautiful mosaic work. While you will ... [more ]
Portobello Road Market 5.0 stars
When I visit a new city, one of the things I look for is a neighborhood that's conducive to just walking around. In London, Portobello Road is it. With so many things to look at, you don't even notice how far you walk along the street filled with ... [more ]
Notre Dame de Paris 4.0 stars
It is here, in the heart of Paris that Maurice de Sully, bishop of Paris in the 12th century, began the construction of the cathedral "Notre Dame de Paris" (Our Lady of Paris). It is built on the site of St. Stephen's Cathedral and the main part ... [more ]
Camden Market 4.0 stars
If you’ve never been to London you can’t miss the market in Camden, Camden Lock Market. Apart from a lot of second-hand clothing you will find stalls with books, furniture, bric-a-brac, antiques, records, clubwear, crafts, food and tattooists. ... [more ]
Charles De Gaulle Airport 5.0 stars
So that’s how you master rail access to Charles De Gaulle airport. Remember to check your terminal number when leaving: there is Terminal 2A, 2B, etc. Also take the RER B express to CDG, not the local. Make sure you get off at the 2nd CDG stop. ... [more ]
Anne Frank House 4.0 stars
Somehow… the Diary of Anne Frank has eluded my reading selections. I did, however, know the story quite well, and I was excited to see the actual attic hideout during a recent trip to Amsterdam. The tour wasn’t guided, but there were plenty of ... [more ]
Glastonbury Festival 5.0 stars
Not really well-known as a village in itself, but surely infamous for its festival which takes place each year in June, Glastonbury is well worth getting a ticket to. Having been for the past three years, I’ve met some incredible locals and ... [more ]
Dachau concentration camp 5.0 stars
At about 1 hour from Munich you will find the village of Dachau. Surely you know this infamous place due to the first concentration camp located here during the Nazi time. It worked somehow as a precursor for what followed in larger scale – in a ... [more ]
Schönbrunn Palace 5.0 stars
Schoenbrunn Palace is a feature of Vienna. The rooms are ornate and beatiful; there's lots of red and gold. The furnishings are sumptuous and decadent; it's a delightful place! The palace stretches for blocks and there is a large lawns and ... [more ]
Prague Castle (Hradschin) 4.0 stars
The amazing Prague Castle was founded on 9th Century and rebuilt on baroque and neoclassic style around 1700-1800. The castle is a real city, formed by attractions like St. Vitus Cathedral, Powder Tower, Royal Palace, Royal Gardens, Dalibor ... [more ]
Moscow Kremlin 5.0 stars
On another day we again attempted to purchase a ticket to the Armoury and were successful on this occasion. We spent a rainy morning gazing at enormous royal sleighs and carriages, including the sleigh Empress Elizabeth rode from St. Petersburg ... [more ]
St Paul's Cathedral 4.0 stars
One of the first sights I would recommend to first time visitors in London is St Paul’s Cathedral. I saw this impressing cathedral the first time late at night about two years ago. I was on my way home and had to stop to look at it because it was ... [more ]
Canal Saint-Martin 5.0 stars
After travelling all this time in the narrow confines of a canal, the river Seine seemed huge. Upon entering, we could see Notre Dame in the distance. We passed on the right side of Ile Saint-Louis, and then went past the Ile-de-la-Cité. The boat ... [more ]
La Sagrada Familia 5.0 stars
On trips through Europe, it's easy to have old Gothic cathedrals muddle in your memory and become one big blur of stained glass and gargoyles. The cathedral in Barcelona is nothing like these at all: even a friend who had seen the huge cathedral ... [more ]
Tower Bridge 4.0 stars
The bridge famously known as the London Bridge is in fact called Tower Bridge. A rich American purchased the London Bridge and moved it, piece by piece, to Arizona, where you can see the London Bridge. That being said… it’s quite an ... [more ]
Westminster Abbey 4.0 stars
Westminster Abbey is one of London’s famous landmarks. The cost is £10.00 for adults and £7.00 for students. You have to have a valid student ID for concession prices. It can get crowded, particularly during the summer. Lots of tourists and ... [more ]
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