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Europe Bars

4.0 stars

Europe bar reviews from insiders

Temple Bar 4.0 stars
Bar in Dublin
Temple Bar region is compulsory for all tourists in Dublin. Despite its reputation as 'too touristy', there are still plenty of cool bars to visit. We had a great couple of nights out there, although my bank balance took a rather large dent. Like ... [more ]
The Brazen Head 5.0 stars
Irish, Bar in Dublin
We headed to the Brazen Head, reportedly Dublin's oldest pub, on a Friday night and we found it packed. There are a number of rooms that are connected by hallways as well as a patio area. Even though it was chilly outside, the patio was full ... [more ]
Café Sacher 4.0 stars
Austrian, Café in Vienna
When my friend visited from Florida I gave her the "culinary tour" of Vienna, which of course included a stop to the world famous Cafe Sacher for a bit of the original Viennese Sachertorte which -- if you are not overly informed by now -- is a ... [more ]
Bohemia Bagel 5.0 stars
Café in Prague
Heads-up Americans (especially New Yorkers), I'm talking to you: The longer you spend abroad, the more you begin to miss the comforts of home (naturally), and that especially includes a New York bagel. Of course, they have bagels in Europe and ... [more ]
Amsterdam Coffee Shops 5.0 stars
European, Café in Amsterdam
Amsterdam coffee shops are unique in every way, from its dark bohemian decor to the quaint streets they are situated in. Most of all, they can never be found anywhere else in the world! Besides what coffeeshops are notoriously known for, they are ... [more ]
Bill’s Place 5.0 stars
Café in Brighton
Bill's Place is on North Road, only a few blocks from the Royal Pavilion and about 10 minutes on foot from the train station. As you walk into the unassuming building, there is color everywhere. Fresh fruits, vegetables, baked goods, canned ... [more ]
Ottolenghi 4.0 stars
European, Café in London
The reason I found Ottolenghi in the first place was because of the tempting selection of pastries on display. I couldn’t avoid looking through the window when I strolled by on my way home one afternoon. The cakes, as well as the delicious fruit ... [more ]
Font Bar 4.0 stars
Bar in Manchester
We're all feeling a little wobbly by now, but manage to stumble round the corner to Font, a bar that serves good, cheap food and and bad, cheap cocktails. Despite their badness, I order one anyway - it's pretty difficult to get a Sea Breeze wrong ... [more ]
Cord 4.0 stars
Bar in Manchester
From the basic but cool decor of Cord, it was on to the much more unusual fixtures and fittings of Odd bar. This is a newer addition to the Northern Quarter drinking scene, but a very welcome one. As the name suggests, various oddities are ... [more ]
Nachrichtentreff 4.0 stars
Café in Darmstadt
If you walk a bit further from the first Nachrichten Cafe and turn right, you will see a pretty big restaurant, also called Nachrichten Cafe. This place is bigger and very differently decorated from the other Nachrichten Cafe. The whole furniture ... [more ]
Mathilde 5.0 stars
Bar in Hamburg
“Mathildes Literaturcafé” is a coffee place where I feel home. You can relax on sofas and there are books everywhere. At the end I bought five books for eight Euros. So it is almost a book store but yet so much more. You can even read old ... [more ]
Café Glockenspiel 4.0 stars
Café in Munich
Café Glockenspiel is probably the place to go if you are a tourist and craving for coffee and cakes after a long day of sightseeing in Munich. It is located on the 5th floor of a building overlooking the gorgeous and famous Marienplatz, right in ... [more ]
The Elephant House 4.0 stars
Café in Edinburgh
The Elephant House earned a reputation first as a cheap eatery for university students at nearby Edinburgh University, but it has since become famous as the site where J. K. Rowling began work on the first Harry Potter novel. This cafe is ... [more ]
Berthillon 5.0 stars
French, Café in Paris
Berthillon is my son's absolute favorite ice cream shop, hands down. There are a few locations throughout Paris, and whenever we're in the area close to one, we make sure that we stop by Berthillon for some of the best ice cream in town. He ... [more ]
Chocolateria San Gines 5.0 stars
Café in Madrid
As we walked in this lovely traditional Churreria the scents of that gorgeous thick hot chocolate and delicious churros took over! It was absolutely packed when we arrived so we waited around for a table. I´ve been to many Churrerias before and ... [more ]
Guinness Storehouse 4.0 stars
Bar in Dublin
I was a little bit disappointed with the Guiness Storehouse. I had heard so may rave reviews that it struggled to live up to its reputation. It is true, however, that the views from the Gravity Bar are the best in Dublin (where Guiness does taste ... [more ]
Hummingbird Bakery 4.0 stars
North American, Café in London
A walk in Portobello Road Market, in Notting Hill, is not the same after a stop in the cosy Hummingbird Bakery. The cakes shown on display window and the usual queue outside the bakery anticipate what you will find inside. Delicious brownies, ... [more ]
Cafe Louvre 5.0 stars
Café in Prague
In Prague, particularly in the warmer months, you have one of two options: sightsee during the day, which generally entails walking for hours on end or pub crawl at night, taking it easy during the daylight hours. Rarely is it a good idea to ... [more ]
Haagen Dazs 5.0 stars
Café in London
Haagen Dazs is no novelty - there are cafes, takeaways, and merchandise all over the world. You can't move for the logo in Paris. But the one in London's Leicester Square remains something special. For £6 you can order a sumptuous cocktail (is ... [more ]
Beach Bar 5.0 stars
Bar in Worms
This is the best bar in the city, it is right on the shore of the river and it is set as a real beach bar, with soft sand, beach chairs, torches and a relaxing atmosphere. The bar is a little hard to locate, especially when you are not from the ... [more ]
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