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4.0 stars

Club reviews from insiders

Salsa! 3.0 stars
Club in London
Bar Salsa is so much fun. Not only it is a really nice restaurant it is also a great place for dancing. Every Friday they organize a 2 hour free Salsa class. I´ve been there so many times. The teacher is so energetic and fun you will really feel ... [more ]
Kingkamehameha 4.0 stars
Club in Frankfurt
King-ka's Beach club in Offenbach is an extremely chilled place to hang out. It closes at about 1pm, so don't expect to be staying for the long haul, but if you arrive before 6pm entry is often free. Sunbeds, couches, deck chairs, cocktails, cold ... [more ]
Titos Nightclub 4.0 stars
Club in Palma de Mallorca
I have also visited Titos but it's not my type of discoteque. They play a lot of electronic music and I personally don't like it. The disco nevertheless is lovely. It's enormous and has more rooms. You can hardly find a place to seat, but they ... [more ]
1. Slovak Pub 4.0 stars
Club in Bratislava
I was recently stranded in Bratislava for 12 hours with hardly any money and nothing to do. I'd been there before so I'd already seen all the tourist sites, so I really didn't know what to do with myself. In the end I asked about good, cheap ... [more ]
Heaven 5.0 stars
Club in Timişoara
I don’t quite like to go swimming in swimming pools because I don’t trust all the people who go there and neither the quality of the water. Still, last summer I went with my friends in Heaven, and I can say I was very impressed by everything in ... [more ]
The Waterfront 4.0 stars
English, Club in Norwich
The Waterfront is located on 141 King Street. I did mention we did meet some friendly locals and they took us out. As I did not do much research about the nightlife before hand, I did not know exactly where could we go. However since I have ... [more ]
Barfly 4.0 stars
Club in Cardiff
Barfly holds gigs almost every night of the week. You can catch signed bands here but it is also reknowned for recognising and nurturing up and coming talent in to future signed legendary acts. It only has a 200 capacity which makes for a more ... [more ]
Nikki Beach 4.0 stars
Steaks, Club in Marbella
If you are looking to have a great and unforgettable time then Nikki Beach is a place to be! We had an amazing time there just last month with a big group of friends. We started our day off at the beach and had lunch in the restaurant afterward. ... [more ]
Bristol Academy 4.0 stars
Club in Bristol
The Carling Academy, Bristol is a live music venue as well as a nightclub. Situated next to the Bristol ice rink, right in the heart of Bristol, The Academy runs some really good nights out- but the problem is, they are quite studenty. Ramshackle ... [more ]
Zambara 4.0 stars
Club in Timişoara
Zambara is a club that is open all year long except in the summer. It is not big but the real “housers” come here because the most famous DJs are invited. They only play House music, with no influences. The dance floor is in the middle and the ... [more ]
Radost FX 3.0 stars
Club in Prague
Even though I'm not a vegetarian, I always make an effort to try at least one veggie or vegan restaurant everywhere I go, just to compare the quality across cities. Radost has okay food, maybe even good, but not great. They also started tacking ... [more ]
42nd Street 3.0 stars
Club in Manchester
42nd Street may be tucked away off Deansgate in Manchester, but this nightclub's combination of free entry before 10:30pm, cheap drinks (£1.50 for a spirit and mixer) and attention-grabbing indie music, spells one thing - huge queues. Latecomers ... [more ]
Tiger Tiger 3.0 stars
Club in London
Tiger Tiger is a restaurant, bar and nightclub chain where you can have a lot of fun, eating, drinking and dancing in a busy environment. In London, the house is near Piccadilly Circus, in the heart of West End. The restaurant has a wide range of ... [more ]
Optic Nightclub 4.0 stars
Club in Norwich
i am thinking of spending New Years Eve in Optic nightclub I am on crutches and unable to walk up and down stairs i wondered if there were washroom facilities on all floors that didnt involve stairs. [more ]
Joy Eslava 3.0 stars
Club in Madrid
If you are out and about in central Madrid after midnight (clubs dont really get going here until after 1am!) then give Joy a go. This club offers ladies free entry (well at least that was my experience!) and the club is really snazzy and clean. ... [more ]
Club der Visionäre 5.0 stars
Club in Berlin
great club to hang out in the evenings, they mainly play electronic music, house or tecno. Right near the canal; people dance on platforms towed onto a platform lying in the canal. On the other side there is „Freischwimmer" a good place to have ... [more ]
Club Motor 4.0 stars
Club in Iaşi
Motor club is a giant place in the Student Complex of Iasi, that is unique by the beautiful art pieces, extraordinary sculture installations created by a known artist, Dragos Patrascu. The club deserves it 's name. At the entrace you 'll find a ... [more ]
The Electric Ballroom 5.0 stars
Club in London
The Electric Ballroom is a Club situated in Camden Town, London. They hold various nights my favourite being Sin City which is held every Friday night. There are two floors playing a variety of Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Punk, Ska and many other ... [more ]
Crash 5.0 stars
Club in London
Crussh on 27 Kensington High Street is one of the best juice- and smoothie bars in London. Crussh has several branches in London, but this one in Kensington (near High Street Kensington LU) has, in my opinion, the best offer and the friendliest ... [more ]
Coronet Club 4.0 stars
Club in London
The Coronet is located in Elephant & Castle, I have only been there once but it was very memorable! I expected it to be just another normal club night but it was far from it! When I walked in I remember thinking 'oh my god, are they playing ... [more ]
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