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Buôn Ma Thuột Travel Tips

3.0 stars

Insider advice for your Buôn Ma Thuột vacation

Buon Ma Thuot 5 stars
Just like Kontum and Pleiku, the main attraction of Buon Ma Thuot is not only the town itself but the surrounding area. There are a lot of ethnic villages and also some spectacular waterfalls, all of which are within a range of a one-day trip. From Buon Ma Thuot, you can easily make a trip to visit the Ede Minority Hilltribe. This tribe is primarily matriarchal, so the women own the property and after marriage all husbands all have to move to the woman’s family whose house is extended to accommodate the new couple. It will be a very interesting destination for you to pay a visit, if you are very interested in hill tribes and the life of ethnic people.


Elephant rides at Yok Don National Park 1 stars
I read about elephant rides and really wanted to do it, once again imagining it to be something totally different!  I had expected the elephant to be treated nicely and to ride bear back but that wasn't the case.  The elephant was chained to a  hut and we had to tread on its head to get on to its back - with shoes on (I thought that was really rude) and climb into a basket, the size of a shopping basket on its back.  The basket is supposed to fit two people in and didn't feel very secure.  Me and my sister were holding on to each other so tightly to stop ourselves falling out of the basket as not all our limbs fitted in it!  I had dead legs and back pain before even setting off. The elephant made its way through the jungle and if there were any trees in its way it would just rip them out!  It kept stopping to eat which was so cute but then the man sat on the elephants head steering would bash it with a big stick with a hook on the end!  I screamed at him to stop and let us off but he wouldn't, it was horrible as he kept bashing the elephant loads.  The ride lasted 45 minutes, which seemed like a very long time, probably for the elephant too.  I felt so guilty for going on an elephant ride for my own selfish pleasure, and I deserved every last one of the cuts and bruises I had from that basket, it served me right as I'm sure the elephant went through way more pain than me.


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