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Xinjiang Vacations, Tourism and Travel

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'Xinjiang time'

One of the things I found interesting about Xinjiang was how everything was effectively seen as on two time zones simultaneously. Technically, the Chinese government cast the whole of China as on one uniform time - Beijing time. But cities like Kashgar are so far from Beijing, that their daily patterns are naturally closer to those of Tajiks or Kyrgyz across the border.

So even while banks and schools 'function' on Beijing time, everything starts a little later. The post offices for instance open at 10 rather than the official 8. All trains and airplanes run on Beijing time as well.

Make sure when making an appointment which time zone the other peson is... [more ]

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1. Turpan bazaar
4.0 stars
2. Ghost City
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1. Dawazi fengqingyuan
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Xinjiang Tempelanlage am Yangtze Night market Ein kleines Boot auf dem Yangtze Night market
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